Внешний Тюнинг

Цевья для АКМ/АК-74/АК-105/АКС-74У

Forends for AK created for placing additional modules, like grips, for recoil reduce, flashlight or even tactical lasers. All Special Forces now use modified forends, because it's increase their efficient!

Цевья для Пистолет-Пулеметов

Tactical forend for SMG is one of the most important parts in tuning. It's provide ability to add tactical modules, especially tactical grip, for better control of your SMG. It's very important in close combats. Plus, SMG created for CQB, and flashlight is very popular module for CQB

Цевья для Винтовок Специальных

Forends for VSS/VAL and similar model of weapon

Газовые Блоки

Different Gas Blocks with Ris rails on it

Части Цевий

Forends spare parts and rails

Приклады в Сборе

Complete Buttstocks

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Адаптеры Приклада

It's pretty hard to install any third-hand stocks on AK. But with help of this category it's pretty easy. Just choose any stock adapter from this category and install any stock on your weapon

Части Прикладов

Different Stock Parts

Рельсы для Прицелов

Different Scope Rails for AK serie of gun

Закрывашки для Рельс

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