**Kamuflirovannyy Letniy Maskirovochnyy Kombinezon** or **KLMK** was developed in the 1960s by the Soviet Union to overcome the widespread use of night vision [optics]( "Optics") and devices by NATO countries. This one-piece camouflage suit was soon to become one of the most widely used and revered devices out of the Soviet Union. This piece of camouflage was first tested in 1968, and finally given to the Red Army in 1969. It is produced to this day. This uniform has been seen in several different wars, including the following: - The Soviet war in Afghanistan - The war in Karabkah - The First Chechen War - The Second Chechen War - The war in Georgia KLMK is used in many different roles and by several of the Russian special forces groups. It is often worn by sappers, snipers, and sometimes regular infantry. This is modern version of this suit. It was modified, and now produce from light fabric to avoid high price. The main plus of this suit - it's affordable price. We don't recommend to buy it, if you need something very durable, but this suit will works great, if you just starting your Russian Kit. Complete suit. Include trousers and jacket!


    Suit "KLMK"

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