![]( Aproduct/A_camo/description.jpg) The cool season creates a number of difficulties for the military. Lower temperatures, frequent rains and strong winds make it necessary to choose equipment and clothes that are more suitable for a given season. A soldier needs to stay dry and warm to complete missions comfortably. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to warm clothes made of membrane fabric. Ana Tactical "Rain 2" Suit is made of Soft-shell membrane fabric for use in bad weather. The jacket has a folding hood with elastic cords, zippers on the side seams for ventilation and access to the gear, two pockets with flaps and two shoulder pockets with velcro panels with zippers. The bottom of the jacket is adjusted with a cord, and the sleeves with a velcro. Pants are adjusted in the waist, have holes for access to the pants worn under them and two pockets with zippers. Like the jacket, they can be unzipped on sides. In the bottom, the trousers can be adjusted to the shoes and fastened to the laces. The hood is large enough to wear it over the helmet. The fabric of the suit perfectly protects from rain and wind. All seams are waterproof and windproof bars protect zippers. With all this, the suit provides good ventilation.
![]( Aproduct/A_camo/Features.jpg)
1. Good ventilation. 2. A kit of jacket and pants. 3. Excellent protection against wind and rain. 4. Suitable for a wide range of temperatures.
Membrane ![](
Weight: 1300 gram


    Orion-ANA Suit "Rain 2"

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