![]( Taking part in modern military operations suppose carrying a large amount of ammunition, grenades, first-aid kits, radio stations and many other things. Of course, the following question arises - how to effectively and conveniently place all this items on yourself so that it doesn't interfere your movement and any item is in quick access? "Techinkom" company developed a series of MOLLE platforms for the needs of the Russian army. 6sh117 for special climate zones is the latest version designed for use in snowed up and desert areas. It also is an adjustable mesh vest, with larger number of MOLLE webs. The vest is designed to be worn over the body armor. In our shop you can buy it in 2 options — only a platform or an assault kit with 4 AK-74/AKM mag pouches.
1. Comfortable and durable. 2. More MOLLE / UMTBS. 3. Can be worn over body armor. 4. Two options available. 5. Used in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. 6. Original desert and winter camo patterns.
Baltex, Cordon 500PU. ![](
Weight: 1.3kg


    "6SH117" Beige Digital (SALE)

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