Пистолетные и ПП

Закрытые подсумки для Пистолета

Here you can find the most popular type of pouches - closed type pouches. They are main feature, that they are fully closing. It's provide protection against dust, dirt and sand, that especially important in the forest or in desert or in field

Штурмовые Подсумки для Пистолета

This pouches are created for Specops operators, who need to recharge as fast, as they can. Each additional second can save their life. Inside of this pouches placed plastic insertions, which working as a rail for Mag. All of this pouches working with ALL mags, including Glock/Grach/M1911 and similar one. Main minus of this pouches - they don't provide full protection against dust and dirt, but if you are planing to play in CQB - it's the best choice

Подсумки для Пистолет-Пулеметов

It's really headache to find proper SMG pouch, huh? We resolved this problem. Work with almost all SMGs, available in many color. I love my Vitiaz, by the way