Модели для Сборки

Сборные масштабные модели от отечественной компании Звезда. Тут вы найдете разную технику Великой Отечественной Войны и современности, которую можно самостоятельно собрать и покрасить!

Российские Танки и САУ

Russia is the world's largest tank manufacturer, with about 50% of the world's tanks produced in Russia. The main tank of the modern Russian army is the T-90

Российские БТРы и Защищенные автомобили

Russian armored personnel carriers are designed to transport and protect military personnel from shrapnel and small-caliber bullets

Российские Вертолеты

Russian helicopters are characterized by survivability, as well as an insane strike force. Under sky control conditions, they can destroy any ground target in a fraction of a second

Российские Самолеты

Modern Russian aviation has performed well during the war in Syria, destroying militant targets from a height of several kilometers, supporting the ground operation

Советские Танки

The Soviet Union, with its vast experience gained during world war II, was an expert in tank construction. The main task for the new generation of tanks was maneuverability and security. They had to be ready at any moment to throw NATO troops into the English channel. These tanks, in addition to nuclear weapons, became one of the restraining factors of peace between the United States and the USSR

Советские БТРы

The cold war war was supposed to be a maneuver war. Therefore, for the transfer of soldiers, in addition to standard trucks, they began to use armored personnel carriers. They not only transported soldiers, but also protected them from bullets and small fragments, and also took out wounded fighters to the rear

Советские Самолеты и Вертолеты

The main enemy after world war II for the Soviet Union were the NATO countries. In the event of a full-scale war, the air force had to engage first. Therefore, it had to be very maneuverable and unobtrusive

Танки и ПТ-САУ Великой Отечественной

Tanks and Tanks Destroyers was the main "Hero" of the World War 2 Battlefield. Their main aim was enemy defense breakthrough. Russian tanks were distinguished by low cost of production, good running properties, as well as powerful guns that left no chance for even the most protected German tanks. Here you can buy models of those legendary tanks

Грузовики Великой Отечественной

Mostly trains were used to deliver supplies to the front, but there were places where there were no railways, then cheap and unpretentious Soviet trucks came to the rescue. But they were suitable not only for the supply of supplies. The legendary Stalin Organ terrified the fascists. In the back of the truck was a rocket launcher, which was a real nightmare for the Nazis

Самолеты Великой Отечественной

Soviet aircraft had to operate in conditions of air superiority on the part of the Nazis. Therefore, the aircraft of Soviet Russia had to be very maneuverable, as well as durable. Often, Soviet pilots went to ram, shooting down fascist planes at the cost of an airplane, and sometimes their lives

Инструменты для Моделей

Sometimes you need special tools to build models. They are not necessary, but they will make your life much easier